INOVIT is an aftermarket alloy luxury performance Wheel company, powered by innovation. Since our incorporation in 1998, INOVIT has grown from a small home-based office operation in the Netherlands to a globally recognized brand known for its precision engineering, unique design, employment of advanced technologies and above all, an innovative approach to the alloy wheel industry.
Our aims are simple, to provide products of such quality, refinement, and sophistication through our dedication and affinity with the automotive industry.


Aston Martin Vanquish

INOVIT™ FRIXION 5 is a beautiful piece to behold. With elegant chamfered spokes with ball cut side milling, a straight cut inner barrel, a sweeping concave profile, and a high weight-rating there really is nothing this wheel cannot achieve. 

Cadillac Escalade

Size: 22 x 9.5J / 24 x 10.0J 

P.C.D: 6 x 135-139.7 / 6 x 135-139.7 

OFFSET: 20 / 25 



McLaren 720S

People love the simple five-spoke design, and people also want intricate details. INOVIT™ Rotor is a clean five-spoke design with extreme detail in the center of the wheel, multi-layered spokes, as well as a ball cut on the side of the spoke to add details. In the end, we created a simple, yet intricate five-spoke design; the INOVIT™ Rotor is set to become one of the industry’s instant classics.

Size: 20 × 9.0J / 20 × 10.0J / 22 x 9.5J / 22 x 10.5J 

P.C.D:108-120 / 108-120 / 108-130 / 108-130 

Offset: 15-40 / 15-40 / 25-40 / 25-35 

Holes: 5H 


Mercedes Benz AMG GT

The INOVIT™ Blitz is a beauty to behold that has recently entered the INOVIT™ range, bringing with it a multi-layer and mesh design style. This article was meticulously and thoroughly engineered to reach a state we could not claim as anything other than perfect.