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Since its establishment in 1998, INOVIT™ has grown from a small home-office operation in the Netherlands to a globally recognized brand, known for its precision engineering, unique design, employment of advanced technology and above all, innovative approach at each stage of production. These past few years have seen the rapid expansion of our operation from a small warehouse in Europe to a worldwide distribution network covering four continents.

While other companies might be tempted to take a foot off the accelerator at this point, we’re stepping it up a gear, with plans to open more INOVIT™ branches already underway. 

The story of INOVIT™ is one of skill, dedication, experience, and passion; we would not be where we are today without the talent and determination of our team members. Our expert technicians, designers, and sales representatives, combined with a united spirit and commitment to performing to the highest possible standards have propelled our brand to the forefront of the industry. 

As part of the INOVIT™ group, our California based design and engineering team is what differentiates us from the competition. From the concept sketch to 3D modeling, from FEA to mold design, every single line on the drawing was carefully thought from the back to the front of the wheel. This is why all INOVIT™ wheels proudly carry “Designed and Engineered in California” on the back. 

With a comprehensive range of designs to choose from in both monoblock and multi-piece styles, INOVIT™ is one of the few wheel brands able to deliver in terms of visual appeal, performance and product variety. 

Composed with the general market in mind, our INOVIT™ range caters to a variety of tastes and vehicle types. From simple, multi-spoke designs to complex directional, concave and staggered deep inner lip models, the INOVIT™ range offers a diverse array of classic and up-to-the-minute features to suit your style. INOVIT™ range is available in sizes ranging from 17” to 22” in a variety of fitments to accommodate staggered applications on large rear-wheel-drive vehicles. 

With the experience of running our own manufacturing facility, we are able to use highly advanced manufacturing process alongside our precise engineering make INOVIT™ able to produce ultra-light-weight wheels. We utilize advanced tooling technology, to achieve a straight barrel. The precise engineering we put behind each design allows INOVIT™ wheels to achieve the biggest possible concave while also clearing brakes. 

INOVIT™ products are the trendsetters of the aftermarket wheel industry. We incorporate the latest design languages such as multi-layer, straight barrel, inner lip, directional, side milling, ball cut side milling, etc. into our designs. Among our most popular offerings in staggered fitments is the INOVIT™ Turbine, which features a directional concave design. The concave look is unmistakably one of the hottest wheel trends in the industry right now and we’re proud to offer some of the deepest concave wheels on the market! 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is not limited, however, to the production of high performing, modern designs. We also strive to achieve excellent results while offering great value for money on all our products in the INOVIT™ range. 

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