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Shipping and Return

Stock orders returned within 7 days of the original purchase/stocking date will be accepted after inspection of the goods without charge. If they are returned for credit after 7 days and before 6 months have elapsed from the original purchase/stocking date, there will be a restocking fee of 25% charged on the returned goods after inspection and the customer bears the cost of transportation to or from INOVIT™. We do not accept stock returns after 6 months have passed from the original purchase/ stocking date. 

If display wheels are provided to a distributor, it is the responsibility of that distributor to maintain the care of the wheel for the duration of its display, all the way through until the return of the wheel. The wheel must be in exactly the same condition as it was supplied; otherwise, the distributor accepts the full purchase liability of the product. 

INOVIT™ offers a lifetime warranty on the structure of its products and a 12-month warranty on the finish. If any INOVIT™ product becomes structurally deficient due to a manufacturing defect, INOVIT™ will replace or repair the wheel at its own expense. If any products’ finish becomes deficient through a fault of the original finish, upon inspection, INOVIT™ will replace or repair the wheel at its own expense. If acid-based or abrasive cleaners have been used on the product, this will VOID any warranty offered. INOVIT™ recommends using only mild soapy water to clean its products – regular cleaning reduces the risk of abrasive build-ups of brake-dust and other compounds that are naturally abrasive. 

INOVIT™ insists that inspection of its goods are thoroughly carried out prior to mounting tires or attempting to fit the vehicle. Any claims after having had tires fitted to the wheel will not be accepted. Once the distributor accepts the delivery of the products, only the finish and the structure are covered by this warranty. 

INOVIT™ does not offer any road hazard warranty. Any damage caused by debris on the road, pot-holes, etc. will not be covered by the limited warranty. 

INOVIT™ will not be liable for any shipping/transit costs to or from the end-user to its’ own premises and does not cover any consequential damages. This warranty covers the INOVIT™ product only and is limited to the replacement or repair of the product. 

All warranty claims must be returned to the INOVIT™ warehouse that it was purchased from for inspection. The claim must be returned by the distributor who purchased the items from INOVIT™ with a copy of the original invoice. INOVIT™ will not deal directly with end-users of distributors or end-users themselves. A distributor who is returning the wheels must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from a staff member at an INOVIT™ warehouse before returning product. INOVIT™ will not accept any unauthorized shipments and they will be refused upon presentation. 

Upon completion of the inspection, if there is found to be a manufacturing fault which led to the claim being made, INOVIT™ will notify the returning party and issue a credit note for the cost of the wheel, and the cost of the wheel only. 

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