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Championship Win!

Congratulations to the China CDF Racing Team for winning the Shanghai Tian Ma Lun Jia Invitational Tournament! Held on May 3rd and 4th, the INOVIT sponsored drifting team that competed at the event was by far the most successful among the participants, winning both individual and team awards.

Zhiyao Su, Shengjun Zhang, Lingbo Meng and Hao Du are the team’s skilled and experienced drivers who dazzled the judges with their drifting prowess. Awarded the best smoke drift award and taking fourth place individually was Su; Meng took third place while Du won the best performance award. Out of all the participants, however, Zhang was voted Number One and awarded the title of ‘Drift King’ 2013. The CDF team members were certainly the stars of the show!

We have supplied the CDF with personalized INOVIT ‘Sonic’ wheels 18×10, ET 0, PCD 5114.3 all around, front and rear, in eye-catching pink and green finishes. As proud sponsors of CDF we ensure that only the best performing wheels on the market are fitted to their competition cars. With the Shanghai Tournament behind them, the team can now focus on preparations for the highly anticipated World Racing Series in Tianjin. We wish them the best of luck for their upcoming races on May 11-12th at the China Racing Championship, and again on May 18-19th at the World Racing Series.

Drifting first originated in Tokyo, Japan. From 2003 onwards, the motorsport became popular in the United States, and the tournaments that have since emerged have become worldwide grand events in the automobile world.

Drifting competitions have garnered a great deal of attention due to the intense visual aspect of the sport. Amidst the wild views of high-powered racecars, revving engines and floating tire smoke, pure adrenaline in generated for drivers and drifting-enthusiasts alike.

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