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China Drift Formula (CDF) Triumph at China Drift Championships

We are delighted to announce that INOVIT sponsored team, CDF have won the China Drift Championships for a second year running! Held annually since 2010, the Championships, also known as the CDC is a highly influential competition that organizes tournaments in cities across China.

This year, the CDC finals were held in the city of Chongqing on the 14th and 15th of December. Passion, adrenaline and a thirst for speed characterize this spectacular competition, which thousands of people across China flock to witness.

Each year China’s top 32 drivers compete for first place. Drifting teams do battle until the final sixteen become the final four and individual drivers square off against each other for a place on the podium. Only one winner can be crowned CDC’s Drift Champion.

For the racers it was a long, wet and grueling day as weather and mechanical problems threatened to dampen the hopes and spirits of the event’s eager participants. In the end, the strongest, most focused team prevailed; “Zero Milage Lubricant China Drift Formula” (CDF) went on to claim the title of CDC Champions. As an INOVIT sponsored team, we were proud to congratulate CDF on their second win while sporting our wheels.

To make sure each of CDF’s competition cars performs well while looking effortlessly stylish, we supply the team with our SONIC Hyper Silver and Satin Black 18” x 10J’. We are happy to reveal will be sponsoring CDF again next year and wish them the very best of luck in the new season!

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