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INOVIT sponsors the UK’s L2D drift team

We are pleased to announce that INOVIT is now sponsoring one of the UK’s top drifting teams, L2D, which competed in the 2015 British Drift Championships while sporting INOVIT wheels and branding on each competition car. Since partnering with L2D we have provided them with an unlimited supply of INOVIT products and look forward to supporting the team throughout future competitions.

As sponsors of the CDF drift team in China as well, we understand the skill and intense dedication required to achieve success in this unique and exhilarating motorsport. Not only will our newfound relationship with the team increase exposure for our brand, but will also help establish INOVIT as a key player in the world of drifting.

Developed in Japan during the 1970s and 80s, drifting eventually gained universal popularity, resulting in championships being organized in cities across the globe. The drifting technique involves over steering to cause a loss of traction, while remaining in control during a turn. As the L2D team states ‘Drifting is the art of controlling an out of control car’. From the audience’s point of view, the billowing smoke, blaring engine noise, extreme speed and risky maneuvers make for an incredibly dramatic, highly intense spectacle.

The L2D team was formed in 2011 and since then has steadily gained traction in Britain’s drifting scene, playing a major role in introducing new fans to the adrenaline-charged motorsport. After all, L2D specializes in offering thrill-seekers the chance to experience the art of drifting for themselves. Each member of the highly experienced L2D team is also an instructor at the Academy, which employs a number of other seasoned drifters who have competed in the BDC among other international competitions.

We’re excited to see how L2D perform at the next British Drift Championships and we hope to continue sponsoring them, as well as other drift teams around the world for many seasons to come!

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