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New INOVIT Division to open in the USA

A second division of INOVIT will soon be opening in Los Angeles, USA. After ten successful years consolidating our business and establishing a firm customer base in Europe and Asia, we felt the time had come to expand our operation to the world’s single largest market, the USA. While tuning and vehicle modification may be popular in other locations around the globe such as Japan and the UK, nowhere is the market for aftermarket automotive products as large as it is in the USA. Given that wheels are one of the first parts of a vehicle to be replaced during the customization process, the demand for alloy rims is particularly high. We have already secured a brand new 10,000 square foot warehouse in Santa Fe, California, which should provide sufficient capacity to cope with substantial growth in the coming years.

Furthermore, an aftermarket specialist and former employee of one of the USA’s top wheel brands has recently joined the INOVIT team to manage our LA branch. Preparations to enter the US market are officially complete and we now ready to serve the West Coast!

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