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CDF Drift Team Crowned Winners at the China Drift Championship again in ‘Water Fight’!

The first phase of what’s shaping up to be another spectacular CDC season has come to an end, with INOVIT sponsored team, CDF crowned winners once more! The China Drift Championships consist of four events, held from May to December in cities across China. The first tournaments took place from the 9th to 11th of May at Tianjing’s 101 Automobile Culture Square.

The exhilarating event attracted eighteen drifting teams with a total of 41 competitors participating in this phase of the championship to fight for the title of ‘Drift King’. After two days of practice sessions and promoting, the third and final day saw three rounds of intense competitions culminating in victory for Shengjun Zhang of INOVIT’s CDF team, who took home the award for the best driver of Race Event 1.

Although the weather threatened to take the shine off what is usually a thrilling, adrenaline-filled event, the drivers used the wet weather to their advantage to create a spectacular show for all in attendance. The track was soaking and slippery; there was even standing water through the corners, which added to the difficulties for the racing drivers.

This extra element to the show, however, heightened the overall visual experience; the ‘water fight’ that ensued added to the audience’s excitement as fierce competition between drivers broke out. The rain couldn’t prevent the drivers from performing; on the contrary, the weather helped contestants put on a truly breathtaking display as water was propelled several feet in the air before crashing down on the racing track. Engines roaring, tires screeching, smoke effects and scenes of two cars dancing around the track together; these are the type of views that are a dream come true for drift scene lovers. The images provided here show the amazing scenes during and after the final races.

There are four parts to the drifting championship, time and location listed as follows: Tianjing (9th to 11th, May) Shanghai(4th to 6th, July) Xuchang(12th to 14th, September) Huizhou(31st October to 2nd November)

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