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Custom-built ERP System Launched by INOVIT

In order to regulate the ordering and shipment of INOVIT products to our depots around the world, we have created a bespoke online ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.

This system will not only allow us to better manage and automate some of our existing procedures but also provide tools to measure progress and allow us to analyze our progression towards the completion of specific company goals. With the help of our new ERP system, we hope to increase efficiency at every level of our business by ensuring projects; tasks and processes are executed quickly and to a high standard. Unlike many existing ERP systems, ours is completely web-based, which means each of our INOVIT team members can access the software at any time, on any device. Some of the functions provided by our system include workflow management, predictive task flow modeling, task allocation and real-time performance tracking.

We’re excited about the future applications of our system and believe it will soon be among the most advanced of its kind in the automotive industry, if not the world

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