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INOVIT 2013 Annual Party

This year’s INOVIT annual company party was held at La Marina Lounge, Suzhou, China on January 19, where we gathered all staff which included flying in all of our overseas managers for the first time to China from the UK, US, Netherlands and Australia.

We were also joined by a few potential clients from Japan and our hardworking Factory managers who play a vital role in getting our products to the market, so we could all celebrate a successful 2012 together and to look forward to a prosperous 2013.

The night started with a presentation from the Division Manager Adam Baker, followed by brief speeches from each of the International managers . Next up was a hand picked menu for a five-course meal accompanied by some of the most exquisite wines from around the world, followed by a disco and of course some fantastic prizes for the lucky winners of our traditional lottery! Everyone had an unforgettable evening night in the beautiful city of Suzhou! The benchmark has truly been set for the 2013/14 annual party!

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