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INOVIT Anhui – Production Begins

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

INOVIT Anhui is now complete and the factory’s operation has officially commenced. From the architect’s initial pencil drawings to the first wheels to roll off the production line, the whole process took less than three years in total. We will soon have an assured and steady supply of wheels to be shipped to our worldwide distribution centers and can now focus our efforts on perfecting our designs and innovating our manufacturing methods. We’re confident that INOVIT Anhui will boost our sales considerably! The completion of the factory has brought us one step closer to our goal of becoming the biggest brand in the alloy wheel industry. The arrival of this new chapter in our company’s history has also made us look towards the future; we’re now pushing forward with plans to expand our business by constructing further manufacturing facilities and establishing additional branches.

The finishing touches have been added to the new factory in Anhui and the aluminum has been delivered. The facility is now ready for the furnace to begin the melting process and for wheel production to finally commence. INOVIT Anhui is nearly operational.

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