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New INOVIT Factory Opens in Jiangsu Province, China

We are delighted to announce the opening of INOVIT’s brand new factory in Suqian, strategically located between China’s two largest cities, Beijing and Shanghai. The grand opening ceremony, held on the 10th of September, was attended by the city mayor and was widely reported in local newspapers and television stations.

Due to the increased demand for INOVIT products across the globe, we felt it necessary to expand our current production. The establishment of our Suqian factory, alongside our manufacturing facility in Mumbai, will help support INOVIT’s continued growth, ensuring our supply keeps pace with the rising interest in our brand.

As a company founded in Europe, INOVIT’s primary focus has been on targeting the European market. Last year, however, as a result of the recent boom in the American aftermarket industry, the US outstripped Europe as the biggest consumer of INOVIT products. We’ve also seen a massive surge in interest in the Chinese market that we believe will continue to grow dramatically over the next few years. The establishment of INOVIT Suqian, therefore, is in order to support the growth in these two countries by adding an additional 480,000 wheels per year to our current production capacity.

We pride ourselves on our progressive, forward-thinking approach, which is why we’ve made it our mission to prepare for the future. While our previous manufacturing facility quickly proved incapable of coping with incoming orders for INOVIT products, we’re confident that our new factory will help support our production needs for years to come.

Furthermore, our 15m US dollar investment in the factory will offer a boost for the local economy through the creation of 180 new jobs and the training and skills development opportunities provided, which will not only help staff members progress within INOVIT but will also improve their employment prospects for the future.

Taking less than 18 months to complete, the project represents over 16 years of experience in the sector and is a testament to the skill and dedication of our expert construction team. The state of the art facility occupies a total area of 46,620m2 and boasts a range of cutting edge equipment and machinery, including nine casting machines with robotic arms and continuous T6 heat treatment, five CNC lines and four automatic painting lines.

As sole proprietors of the new factory, we are looking forward to seeing a significant expansion of our current operation and the opportunity to increase our brand’s global reach. Through the establishment of our new facility, we will be able to devote further attention to our R&D efforts, as well as continue to enhance our current designs in order to bring INOVIT customers the very latest in wheel technology and innovation.

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