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Welcome to Our Booth at Autosport 2012

This January saw the return of the Autosport International, the UK’s premier motorsport exhibition and the first trade show ever attended by INOVIT. The event was one of the busiest, most successful shows in the history of the Autosport and flew by in a whirl of color and excitement. Crowds from all corners of the globe descended onto the UK’s ‘season starter’ and the INOVIT team were pleased to welcome a great many visitors to our stand, where our latest designs seemed to strike quite a chord.

After a long break from the exhibition, we were excited to reintroduce ourselves to the UK’s motorsport enthusiasts and form new relationships with industry professionals. With an award winning booth design to reaffirm our position and a brand new product line up, over 4,000 attendees passed through our stand during the four days of the show; a much higher number than originally anticipated.

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